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According to Inbound Logistics, there are approximately 150 meal kit companies competing in the U.S. market today. In order to survive in this competitive market, companies must constantly exceed customer expectations. And while they can consistently select the best produce partners or create beautiful packaging, once a company hands its products over to a transportation service, they have very little control over when the product is delivered or the condition it is in when it finally arrives.

A CustomerGauge article cites the US Chamber of Commerce, reporting that “68% of customers end their relationship with companies because of poor customer service.” Not only does a meal kit company have to deal with costly customer claims for refunds, this also often leads to disappointment and customer churn. What’s more, a Convey white paper titled “The Cost of Poor Delivery” states that “$41 billion is lost by U.S. companies each year due to poor customer service or experiences.”

The stakes are high, and the link to ensuring a high customer satisfaction is broken once packages leave the dock. So the question becomes: how do companies gain more control over delivery and their brand promise?

When using a large delivery service, it’s just about dropping the package off – impersonal and transactional. And “while technology will help bridge the customer satisfaction gap, the personal touch remains important,” says the article “Meal Delivery Services: You’ve Got To Be Kitting Me!”.  The key is finding a partner who can deliver on time, while passing on the company’s brand promise to ultimately help retain customers.

At Home Direct Express, our primary focus is service excellence, placing your clients at the center of every delivery. We lean in, aiming to bring your company mission to life as much as you do. We also believe that flexible delivery times are important – we deliver 7 days a week, in the am or pm slot, as requested. Companies cannot promise meals to busy customers without flexibility. Most transportation services deliver meal kits with all types of packages, like tools, tires and in some cases, cleaners and other household supplies.

Our mission is to help you differentiate yourself in a competitive market so you don’t lose control of your brand during delivery. Let us help you gain control over your mission, provide convenient and sophisticated delivery to your customers and avoid dropped subscriptions.

Because let’s face it – you can’t afford poor customer service, unreliable and inflexible delivery options.