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In the home delivery industry today, there are many factors that play into consumer satisfaction and loyalty. The industry is competitive, yet we consistently see low consumer ratings across home delivery companies. When looking at Consumer Reports, you’ll see the top rated reviews for companies, but even still you’ll see negative reviews over time, indicating problems aren’t being resolved.

Home Direct Express strives to provide the highest level consumer experience – to be the best in the industry. So it’s important to analyze topics like this one, and we’re taking a deeper dive into why consumer ratings are so low for home delivery companies.
When poring over reviews on Consumer Reports and other sites, we found there was some consistency in key words used:

Positive reviews: quality of service, satisfied, affordable, easy, happy, fast delivery, on time, good condition, customer service…etc.

Negative reviews: pick up times, price tag, poor communication, delivered without care, confusion, wrong address, unhelpful, responsiveness…etc.


Looking at these key words, it seems you can sum it up in a few words: generally, consumers want to know your company cares. While that might seem obvious, it isn’t being done and Home Direct specializes and differentiates itself based on that extra attention to every detail. It’s a personal experience having an important package delivered to you.

So when you’re looking to ship those meal kits or wine club packages, you cannot risk deliveries happening like this. Please contact us to discuss our services and a potential trial!