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Before launching publicly in 2017, Home Direct Express did a seven-month long trial with one of the largest and most successful meal kit companies in the country. This trial was wildly successful and demonstrated that Home Direct’s innovative approach helps meal kit companies stand apart in this competitive industry.

How was this trial so successful? Home Direct’s business model has never been seen in the ground logistics industry. Through streamlining warehouse logistical processes and sophisticated ground routing techniques, Home Direct was able to:

  • Delivered over 11,000 meal kits per month in the Dallas Fort-Worth region.
  • Achieved a 99.8% on-time delivery rate, compared with the national average of 83%.
  • Achieved a cost savings of 47% per box in transportation costs.
  • Realized a total savings of $180,000 per month in one market.

Unlike most companies in beta, Home Direct kicked off with one of the biggest brand names, confident their services would exceed expectations. This national meal kit company praised Home Direct, saying that the North Texas delivery platform was the best delivery service by a mile when compared to  the rest of the country’s delivery platforms. The company also stated that Home Direct’s work shows that the company is truly agile; that logistics can be easy with them, regardless of the customer’s business size.


In addition to logistics, Home Direct also brings the “human element” with its business model –  demonstrating impeccable customer service and subscriber package trackability that ensures on-time delivery to happy customers. Home Direct’s delivery options were a key factor in customer satisfaction. While national shippers typically restrict delivery options for cost effectiveness, Home Direct expanded the company’s delivery options to six days a week, at substantial savings and higher customer satisfaction ratings.

At the conclusion of the trial, the national meal kit company was able to take away tremendous cost savings and offer expanded delivery options to their customer base.

“Coming out of this trial we are well poised in the market,” said Terry Harris, CEO at Home Direct. “We’re looking to expand not only with this trial company but with other meal kit companies for longer-term relationships in the industry.”