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Are meal kits another American fad, or what’s to be the new household staple? Analysts, grocery stores, the transportation industry, food critics and others continue to ask this question as more and more meal kit companies enter the market.

Home Direct Express launched with the firm belief that meal kits are here to stay, but why? As American priorities change, Home Direct sees meal kits addressing some of the nutritional needs some will have as lives change.

Home Direct believes there are three primary, interlaced reasons meal kits are more than just a fad. People continue to grow more health conscious, are so busy that they’re looking for convenience and when they finally do get into the kitchen, they want to have an experience.

American food culture is more focused than ever on health, and we see meal kits provide for dietary preferences such as vegan, low sugar, organic, Paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free diets, among others. Health problems are being addressed, too. Chef’d partners with the American Diabetes Association to create personalized meals, and Habit sends you meals based on your DNA profile.

Making meals that fill these needs means frequent grocery store trips, gathering recipes and taking the time to line up ingredients to cook. With meal kits, the convenience makes a higher quality of life easier. We see the trends of convenience explode in other markets too – Uber, TaskRabbit, Amazon etc. and we don’t see this trend going away. Take the stress out of a process and they will come.

Finally, Americans like the experience of making new dishes, but it can be intimidating when you have limited time. Meal kit companies like HelloFresh put a major focus on demystifying recipes you may not cook otherwise. When you may not see mom or dad cook much anymore because of limited time, these services help make that possible; or make it less stressful to have friends over for dinner.

“Meal kits seem to have arrived at just the right moment, burrowing deep into the everyday life of a digitally influenced nation whose tastes have been honed on restaurant meals, farmer’s markets and food television,” says the New York Times in an article titled “It’s Dinner in a Box. But are Meal Delivery Kits Cooking?”

Home Direct doesn’t see these trends reversing, and neither does market analyst firm Technomic. The group predicts a rise in the U.S. meal kit market, stating that the market could grow into a multi-billion dollar industry in the next five years. As the industry continues to evolve, Home Direct is making sure that the shining stars of the industry provide the best customer service with the lowest transportation costs.