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You want your subscribers to be happy…and healthy. Food safety has been an ongoing conversation in the meal kit industry since the beginning, but exploded recently when a Rutgers professor released findings indicating nearly half of meal kits arrive too warm to consume.

Speaking at the 2017 Food Safety Summit, Rutgers University human ecology professor Bill Hallman revealed concerns about meal kit safety based on a study he recently conducted. A quick overview:

  • Researchers tested 169 meal kits, interviewed 1,000 consumers and reviewed more than 400 meal kit websites.
  • The study found the shipping companies delivering the meal kits wash their hands of any responsibility if they show up spoiled.
  • The team uncovered that 47 percent of meal kits arrived with surface temperatures above 40 degrees, making them potentially unsafe to eat.
  • The study also showed that products from home delivery meal kits are most likely left outside for more than eight hours before being refrigerated.

As a meal kit company, it is frightening to think that your carefully created and packaged kits aren’t making it safely to subscribers. So if you’re currently working with a delivery partner who delivers meal kits right alongside shoes, laundry soap and other items, it may be time to look for a new partner who will provide you with a competitive – and safe! – delivery solution for perishables.

Specializing in the home delivery of perishables, Home Direct Express is large enough to execute and small enough to care. The team delivers meal kits safely across the nation, optimizing the meal kit delivery process flow and improving customer satisfaction.

How does Home Direct manage this? Meal kits go from dock to door before subscribers even leave the house in the morning. Technology plays a central role in how the operational process works. Home Direct uses a software that integrates with line haul, showing when meal kits will arrive at the dock, and how much time Home Direct has to deliver to the door. Throughout the process, your meal kit company can see the status of delivery.

And on the front end, the meal kit subscriber can see precisely when packages will arrive and has the flexibility to redirect the delivery location if necessary. This access allows the subscriber to ensure they will be home when packages are delivered and safely put in the refrigerator!

“Home Direct has a focus on perishables, integrated software solution and a fleet of refrigerated delivery vans, providing meal kit companies with a competitive advantage,” said Terry Harris, CEO of Home Direct. “We are proud to be the only home delivery company specializing specifically in perishables such as meal kits. Not to mention, we’re headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth, so we know a thing or two about the baking heat.”