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How We Process Deliveries

Home Direct Express provides premiere dock-to-door delivery. During onboarding, we integrate logistical, operational and communications processes. This sets up the flow from the production facility all the way to the door of your customer.

Packages are received at our warehouse where we manage staging and home delivery within 24 hours. Home Direct uses the features and functionality of the CXT software platform to manage all aspects of logistics, communications, customer support and accounting.

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A Roadmap for Serving the Entire U.S.

This map depicts the Home Direct Express multi-stage national rollout following an onboarding period in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Use the interactive map below to view the cities included within each region, beginning with the Southwest region.

Click the Menu icon on the map to expand the list of markets. Use the check boxes to layer in each stage of the rollout.

  Initial Onboarding – Dallas/Fort Worth Area

1. Southwest

2. West

3. Northeast

4. Southeast

5. Midwest

6. Tier II Markets

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