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We Put the Customer at the Center of Every Transaction

Highly Focused

Home Direct Express has the infrastructure investments of a large shipping company with a tight focus on subscription commerce, meaning we’re flexible enough to meet your delivery needs on time with a great level of customer satisfaction.

The Top 4 Reasons to Work With Home Direct:

  • Service – We put our clients’ subscribers at the center of every delivery
  • Savings – Our first client realized a 50% reduction in delivery costs
  • Experience – We’ve been in the home delivery game for over 25 years
  • Capability – We currently manage close to half a million pieces per week
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Major Cost Savings

Over 25 years, Home Direct Express has built its buisness to 475,000 home deliveries to 70,000 customers per week, using a growing staff of drivers. As we began to pivot our business model from newspapers to perishables, we completed a trial run with one of the best known meal kit companies to prove out our superior concept for home delivery.

Results were meaningful – our client saved 47% per box in transportation costs, saw an on-time delivery percentage of 99.8% and enjoyed greater flexibility on delivery options. Home Direct achieved a total of $180,000 per month in savings for our client at the conclusion of the trial phase.

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16x14x14 Package Across 4 Zones
(ex. Colorado Springs, CO to Dallas, TX)
Actual Weight 12lb 12lb 12lb 12lb
DIM Weight NA 19lb 17lb NA
Base Charge $10.99 $14.67 $15.12 $21.34
Fuel Surcharge NA $0.54 $0.78 NA
Residential Surcharge NA $3.85 $3.40 NA
TOTAL COST $10.99 $19.06 $19.30 $21.34
HDEx % Savings 42.34% 43.06% 48.50%

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